Winter season tips!!

Winter season tips!!

Posted May 17th, 2017

The winter season has started and this past weekend saw the first cold front usher us into this so called blue season. As with season changes, it is important to protect your hair against the harsh conditions experienced in winter. These following tips should help you beat the cold and protect your hair against winter damage:
* Use sulphate free shampoo, known to contain less harsh chemicals that strip hair of natural oils;
*Pre-poo religiously;
* DO NOT forget to deep condition. A good deep condition will become your best friend in ensuring that your hair remains vibrant;
*Trim and seal your ends with good butters like shea-butter
* LOC- Liquid(water, moisturizing spray) Oil (coconut oil) Condition ( leave-in conditioner). This ensures maximum moisture
* Protect your hair with either protective styling or silk/satin with silk lining.

I hope applying these rules will help your hair overcome the dry winter hair and you'll come out in summer rocking a longer, shinier fro!!

Happy Afros!!



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