We are back!!

We are back!!

Posted July 12th, 2018

Hello South African Naturals


After months of being offline, we are back!! I know, I know, it was hard for you to go without those snippets of information and how to handle your natural hair and the natural hair journey but now we are here to stay and give you consistent content that will become valuable for you over time. 

You are probably wondering where we disappeared to and why?


We hit a bit of a snag, a point of vacuum where we needed a jumpstart for the brand. We needed to go back to the drawing board and restrategise on how we would be going forward and where we would like to see Brownchild in the future. After months of scratching our brains and researching endlessly, I believe we have found the answer. Although, we live in a dynamic world where things evolve constantly, we will also evolve constantly to keep ourselves relevant and meeting your needs as our avid fans. 

We do apologize for the moment of silence and hope that you will forgive us for the months of silence that you experienced during our hide and seek moment. We do promise exciting content, new product development and great natural hair care products that bring only the best results and great flowing locks. I trust that you will give us a second chance and spread the Brownchild love as you continue on your natural hair journey and grow your beautiful kinks, coils and curls.

Have a beautiful fro day and keep shining.



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