Wash day routine: Prepoo

Wash day routine: Prepoo

Posted January 22nd, 2017

I woke up determined that today will be the day I wash my hair this week. Do not get me wrong, I do not wait months to wash my hair, I aim for at least once a week. Some weeks are tougher than others and some weekends are busier than others, but after some procastinating tactics and excuses throughout the week, I had to. Soooo, I woke up with the determination of steel to wash my hair and to my dismay there was no watercrying Not even a single drop from the tap. What was a girl to do?

In this predicament of a dry spell, I decided to become creative and follow my original wash day routine, which along the way, I lost discipline and it fell to the way side. Given that I had to wait a little while for the water supply to be restored, I chose to prepoo today.


What is prepoo you may ask? It is the action of applying oil or any conditioning agent to one's hair before shampooing. This act protects the hair from harsh stripping components found in most shampoos, it gives your hair an extra protective layer which may result in general hair softness or ease in detangling. Many bloggers have differing explanations for this but I have come to settle for this belief, that it protects my hair during the shampoo process. Prepoo is important especially if you tend to manipulate your hair a lot or neglect to  properly moisturize it throughout the week when you have it in protective styling or you are rocking that beautiful head scarf.

What you need to prepoo?

Being a big fan of DIY I like to mix my own concoctions to see how they work out. For my prepoo routine, I like to use coconut oil mixed with a little bit of castor oil. Do not ask me why I chose this mixture, it was one of those " let see what's in the cupboard and can work" situation. You can experiment with whichever oils you like to see the outcome they bring. Mix and match, do not be shy at all. After mixing up the two oils, I section my hair into manageable blocks and apply the mixture from root till tip, I then massage my scalp for control and leave it in. If you wash your hair in the mornings, you can leave your prepoo overnight, or you can sit with it for 30 minutes and let it sink in a little before applying shampoo.

Whilst I am writing this post, the water has not yet been restored, so I'll give you a fresh review of what prepoo does in the next blog post. For now, go out and try adding prepoo into your wash day routine and let me know how it goes at enquiries@brownchild.co.za. I will share your experience with everyone, who knows, maybe you discover something that will save us from our struggles.


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