Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair

Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair

Posted January 9th, 2018

Do you want to rock an afro but are weary of cutting all your locks of to start the natural hair journey? Fear not, there is a less drastic way of rocking a fro without going bold.

Firstly keep your hair and stop relaxing, this will allow your roots to grow out with not chemical treatment to it. This process is messy as you have two different types if hair textures on your hair and they require different hair care routines. This is the part where your hair might look messy as you try to navigate yourself past this phase.

Secondly let your hair grow out. As the days and months go by, allow your hair to shoot out and grow in length completely free of ant relaxers. This phase might take between six to eight months depending on the rate at which your hair grows. During this phase, you need to take care of your roots and lower half of your hair as that is the portion you’ll be left with when you cut off the relaxed ends. Make sure that it is thoroughly conditioned and moisturized. Also ensure, without fail, that your scalp is treated as well. Part your hair into sections and apply a root stimulator to care for your scalp.

Thirdly, once the hair is reached your desired length, cut of the relaxed ends and free yourself!! This is the phase that you would have been looking forward to for the many months that you’ve been transitioning. Allow yourself the freedom to style it in whichever way desired, all those high puffs, that you have been envying or the go to wash and go.

Be careful to use little to no heat when transitioning as this might cause damage to your newly growing fro. Also take care of your edges and allow them to flourish, take care not to pull your edges with protective styles during this period and at any other time.

I hope the transition is smooth and you have a lovely fro by the end of the year, either way always remember you are beautiful.