Tips to get your hair ready for spring

Tips to get your hair ready for spring

Posted September 11th, 2018

Hello naturals
We have been a bit of cold weather across South Africa after most of us, including myself, have been looking forward to the warm spring weather . Well, despair not as warmer times are still coming an the opportunity for you to show of your hair is near.

After months of tucking in our kinks coils and curls, the time has come to let those locks be freed. To do so, you'll need to make minor changes to your routine to accommodate the weather and to let your hair enjoy the warms and spirit of spring.

1. Give your hair some freshness and trim the ends. This will allow for some of the damage from the cold crisp air to be removed from your hair and allow it to glow.
2. Give your hair protein treatment to strengthen it from the core and restore any cuticle damage. This will allow your hair to glow just like Lupita in the picture.
3. Change your products from heavy butters to simpler lighter oils and leave-in conditioners. With your hair being out all the time, you don't want to weigh it down but heavy products.
4. Allow your hair to breathe. Winter = protective styles but now the weather is allowing you to let your hair be. So ditch the protective styles and experiment with more open styles that don't need to be tucked away.

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