Spring hairsyles

Spring hairsyles

Posted October 9th, 2018

Hello Naturals

Spring is definitely here. After weekend after weekend of cold weather and snow in September, the weather man has promised warmer weather going forth. If you are like me you enjoy the warmer weather and lighter clothing but more than anything else, you enjoy flaunting your locks after months of being in hiding under protective styles.

If you are wondering how you are going to let your hair down, worry not. Sometime we think too much about how we are going to style the hair but sometime all we need is an accessory or two and the style is made. Trying to twist and fold and tuck the hair is not necessary with the assortment of accessories available of the market. One accessory like a colorful pin of a flower ribbon can enhance any dull look and turn it into an enviable style. I have included inspired images of flower embellished hairstyles to color any day and outfit for your inspiration. 
Remember that even though it is warmer and your hair is out, it still needs to be taken care of diligently. Keep in mind that moisture is an important part of your routine and that your leave-in conditioner cannot be left on the wayside. Here is a link to remind you of how leave-in conditioner is great http://www.brownchild.co.za/blog/how-leave-conditioner-great-your-hair

How do you spruce up your hairstyles? Do you add bling, color, ribbons or just let your hair be?

Let us in on how you style your hair during the warmer months of your hair and we can share it with everyone on our social media so that we all look stunning this spring and summer.

Keep frooing!