South Africa's natural hair product range

South Africa's natural hair product range

Posted July 17th, 2017

The history of Brownchild

Before Cantu landed on our shores, before Design essential made it onto clicks shelves and before South African women could fully embrace their natural manes, Brownchild natural hair care product was born. It was founded from an ongoing frustration from a long term naturalista who struggled to find the right products to nurture her hair. True what they say, ingenuity is birthed from struggles and shortcomings and as such, a product range was developed to close the "gap" of a dearth of natural hair care products on the shelves of local stores. I am not talking about products like Black like me or Dark and Lovely that focus on mostly relaxed hair, but products that specialize on "Chemical Free" unrelaxed hair, what we call natural hair.

Brownchild's journey has not been smooth sailing, with product development hiccups and to and fro journeys and meetings with the lab to ensure that only the best products that bring guaranteed results come out of the whole process. We finally succeeded in December of 2015 and our offering was a hit with those who got their hands and applied the products on their hair. Feedback like " I could feel immediate softness" and " my hair was glowing" was received from the users and we knew we had a winner on our hands.

What makes Brownchild special? We use only natural ingredients in our products because we know that any other ingredient won't give the desired results for you, our beloved client. We ensure that only nature's goodness ends up in Brownchild and ingredients like castor oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil and Aloe Vera oil form part of each product we produce.

We understand  that premium hair products should not cost a fortune and so we strive to offer affordable products that give the same if not better results as the "top of the top" natural hair product producers and we are not going to beat our own drum, we just welcome you to try our products and find out for yourselves.


Our Vision 

To be present on every naturalista's shelve providing nature's goodness and ensuring that only a love relationship is formed with natural hair 

Our Mission

To provide premium affordable natural hair care products to Africa's naturalistas

Our product offering

250ml sulfate free shampoo

250ml Moisturizing conditioner

125g Shea butter mix

300ml Leave-in conditioning spray