Qualities of a good hair conditioner

Qualities of a good hair conditioner

Posted October 22nd, 2018

Hello naturals

I loooove hair conditioner and I am sure it shows by the many blogs I've written on the product. The reason for this fascination is that during the early days of my natural hair journey, conditioner was a foreign concept to me. I used to only use shampoo and harsh shampoo at that. My hair was dry like the Sahara desert and it used to break and fall off. I had a small patch of short hair in the center of my head and the only way I could hide that was by tying  high bun all the time which did not serve my hairline at all. It was really a frustrating time of no growth for my hair. 


Fast forward two years later and big chop after big chop, I discovered hair conditioner and my hair was never the same:) 

Adding conditioner to my wash routine revived my drastically. I could feel it with the slip and softness of my hair. Even after hair drying, I did not pick balls of hair front the floor. I could see that health was being restored into my hair and it was bringing me joy. A lot of people ask the propose of a conditioner and I answered the question in this article ( http://www.brownchild.co.za/blog/conditioner-conditioner-our-hair-s-life...)

In this blog, I'll strive to answer the question, what makes a good conditioner?

1. Moisture - the purpose of a conditioner is to restore the cuticles of hair strands and  keep the moisture in hair. The thicker the conditioner the better the value it is giving.

2. Content of the conditioner- looking at what makes up the conditioner is important as to evaluate whether the product has natural ingredients in it or it has harmful sulfates which damage hair.

3. Consistency - I like thick creamy conditioners which I believe leave my hair more moisturized than any other type. Look at which consistency of product your responds well to.

4. Slip - I sometimes use the conditioning process as time to detangle my hair. So for a conditioner to meet minimum requirement, it must allow for slip and ease in detangling 

5. Softness - Lastly, the conditioner must leave hair feeling soft and bouncy. Even with 4c hair, the conditioner i use, leaves my hair feeling bouncy and super soft!

I swear by a good conditioner and I hope that this blog will give you guidance in choosing your next conditioner. Let your hair speak to you and it will tell you which products it loves and which ones would be thrown away immediately.


Keep frooing!!