To protein treat or not?

To protein treat or not?

Posted January 24th, 2018

To protein or not to protein

I have had natural hair for over ten years and in my journey I always looked for shea butter as my go to for everything. Now that I am mature in my Journey I have started to implement other products in my routine to help grow and nurture my strands.

I have moved from conditioning, deep conditioning to hot oil treatments but I have always come across statements on protein treatment and I never understood what that was for. After this introduction I went to the shops to buy myself some protein treatment and try it on my hair. I was shocked at the results as my hair felt really dry and straw like. It was a disappointment given all that I had read about the treatment and how it helps with hair.

After this ordeal I did a bit more research to understand why anyone would need protein treatment and when it is best to use it and this is what I found:

Apply protein treatment if your hair is lifeless or has suffered from heat treatment. Lifeless hair may be the result of applying a lot of product or your hair swimming in moisture. It is important to keep a balance in your hair routine and not do a lot of the same treatment to your hair. Secondly, heat treatments cause the protein structure in your hair to become damaged over time. We all love straight sleek hair but achieving the look using hot irons or blow dryers does no good to your hair. In this instance if you notice that your hair has suffered damage it would be advisable to do some protein treatment. If the damage is irreversible unfortunately it’ll have to be cut off.

Hair that has proper protein in it helps with curl definition that we all love. Another sign to look out for is poor curl definition. If the curl is not as bouncy as you’d like, let your hair get some protein infusion.

Products that may be used for protein have labels like repair cream, deep repair musk and balancing conditioner and they contain ingredients such as keratin, hydrolized silk protein or hydrolized wheat protein.


I hope you don’t fall into the same trap I found myself in and you listen to your hair first before you dictate what it needs.


Happy Frooing