No Miracle hair growth cream, just good old TLC

No Miracle hair growth cream, just good old TLC

Posted September 6th, 2018

Hello Naturals

We have been bombarded with grow your hair in two weeks promotions. Some products promise to raise bold heads from the dead without considering some medical issues that may have lead to the hair loss or lack of hair growth. These diseases can range from malnutrition to alopecia or hormonal hair loss some of which cannot be saved of the underlying cause is not treated. 

It is important for everyone to know and understand their bodies, what works and what definitely will not work. It is important for us to question every marketing gimmick and not fall for the tag lines. I understand that sometimes the desperation leads us to believe anything that promises us the world, only to under-deliver and leave us wanting for more. We need to guard our hearts and our hair as some products might lead to more damage.

Here are a few items to understand about hair growth
1. We all have different hair growth rates, some people's hair grows longer in a year than others. If your hair has never grown longer than 10cm in a year, don't believe that you'll get that hair growth in 2 weeks

2. We need to understand the state of our hair's health. Sometimes we do damage by using heat, pulling our hair in tight styles, neglecting out hair and not moisturizing it or covering it up in weaves without taking good care of it.

3. The ends are the most fragile art of out hair and if we want to have our hair grow longer ,we need to take care of that part of our hair.

4. Protective styles do not need to sit in our hair longer than necessary and that we need to moisturize the hair as such as possible when in the protective style.

With all that being said, we need to ensure that our hair is given some tender loving care(TLC) and that despite the seemingly hard labour that is required to keep the length, we need to make a habit out of caring fro the hair as it will look amazing once we have that habit on lock down. 

Keep frooing!!