Its a new year!!

Its a new year!!

Posted January 10th, 2017

Its a new year
Judging by the trending memes towards the end of 2016, it is evident that it was not a good year for most of our fellow citizens. The same cannot be said for Brownchild as through your loyal support, we managed grow in strides, reaching more people and saving more naturalistas one strand at a time. Although it was not smooth sailing, your continued support saw us ending the year on a positive note.To you our biggest supporters, we thank you and I know, your hair will continue to love as as we nurture it through dry spells and challenging styles.

New product addition
We have heard your pleas and requests and finally, we will be including a hair spray and moisturizing creme to the Brownchild range . I know, I know, it is long overdue, but to be honest, we needed to rigorously test our selected ingredients and make sure that they deliver the results that you, our beloved, require and love in our products. Our moisturizing spray and hair creme will be on your shelves by the end of February 2017.

Lets talk
Another development for 2017 is that you'll be hearing from us more often. We have been keeping all the hair care tips and tricks to ourselves and that has been totally selfish(not ayoba). we have decided that at least once a month, we'll deliver, to your nearest screen, success tips to see your afro locks flourish. Natural hair can be tedious as some of you have discovered, but with a little bit of help and some encouragement, it is totally beautiful when the outcome is what you desire. and no we do not want this to be a one-sided relationship, so, we would love to hear from you, any question, suggestion, input or testimony, we welcome with both arms.

Charity drive
We mentioned in November that we are collecting money to buy a few pair of shoes for unfortunate young girls in the community. For every butter that is bought, R5 will be donated towards buying school shoes. So far we have collected R150 and we would like to thank those who have supported us. The drive is till end of February so for those who missed out, or are only hearing about this now, you still have a chance to support the drive.

That is it on updates and yadi yadas. next post will be about natural hair stuff, styling tips and afro power goodies.

Keep it natural!!