The Importance Of Washing Our Hair Regularly

The Importance Of Washing Our Hair Regularly

Posted August 24th, 2016

We probably have this ingrained belief from all the years of our upbringing that, washing our hair once a month is sufficient. For some odd reason unbeknownst to me, there is an underlying belief that washing our frequently, damages it or prevents it from growing or we were told to base our scalps with layers and layers of "hair food" till it is as thick as cooking oil. But it was all wrong.

Washing your hair help clear up the pores on your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. when your scalp pores are clogged up with all the grease and chemicals present in "hair food" it is unable to breathe. Washing your hair every week, or twice a week, does justice to your hair, creating an environment for it to flourish and blossom.

So here is how you do it:

  • Wash your hair once or twice a week with a sulphate free shampoo or a clarifying shampoo once a month.
  • After washing, use a moisturising conditioner to add moisture and protect the hair strands.
  • Cover up your hair with a natural "hair food" that does not contain silicones or petroleum. This will allow your scalp to breathe and your hair to be sealed.