How we started in the natural hair care business

How we started in the natural hair care business

Posted July 30th, 2018

Brownchild was started in 2014 after many years of frustration, frustration with the market for not having a solution that could take care of our natural African hair, a solution that would nurture our crowns and unleash them to the world to take awe! It was founded by our CEO Karabo Mothapo, a young woman from Limpopo Province who has always taken pride in embracing her natural, unprocessed African hair as she navigated through various salons and stylists that vowed never to touch her “rough” hair as she got remarks like “Sorry sesi, if your hair is not relaxed we can’t help you”. At that time, knowing that she was never going to come right with salons and an equally unprogressive market she endeavored to start her own natural haircare range and she named it Brownchild!

After many unsuccessful experiments conducted in her kitchen in an effort to find the perfect formulation, she eventually formulated a shea butter based mixture that performed wonders for her hair and many of our customers alike. Through the formulation process and after careful analysis of the market offering, Brownchild launched with three products; a sulfate-free shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner and a whipped shea butter mixture. Our haircare range has been formulated to address 4 key and fundamental problems that many women face when trying to grow their natural hair. Length retention, improved strength in every hair strand, softer hair and hairline recovery are guaranteed with every Brownchild haircare range purchase and that is our promise to you as our customer. Just as we were able to demonstrate how we were able to recover a hairline in our latest blogpost which can be found on this link we assure each customer similar results when they choose Brownchild haircare products.

Keeping you, our customers, at the core of our business and heeding your request for a broader haircare range, in 2017 we increased our range by adding a fourth product in the form a leave-in conditioning spray which contains aloe vera, shea butter and other essential oils. The journey for us has been fulfilling as we work towards achieving our vision of seeing more and more Africans embracing their natural hair and wearing it in ways which were witnessed during pre-colonial times. Our determination and success has been fueled by the smiles of countless woman who can today wear their natural African hair without shame and share their stories of how they’ve managed to keep their hair rooted, naturally!



Rooted, naturally!