How to recover your hairline

How to recover your hairline

Posted November 13th, 2017

Hello Brownchild

Many ladies write to us looking for a miracle product that can restore the hairline to its former glory but the truth is that damage to the hair line has taken many years to occur and it will take time to restore. There are no miracle concoctions to bring back the hair line and I am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news.

What causes hair line damage you ask? 

Continued pulling and breaking of the weak front hairs. Some protective styles, although good, cause traction alopecia, which is the scientific name for hair loss. Heavy braids or dreadlocks, tight high buns or tightly woven cornrows lead to damage to the follicles. Some woven in weaves and hair extensions are also culprits of this terrible and embarrassing condition. Imagine how many years of weaves and cornrows are required to lead to this kind of damage? It certainly does not occur over night. 

How do you know you are causing damage?

You may stop this process in its tracks by looking for clues of whether you are causing damage. When you spot itching of the scalp, hair roots in the braids, bumps or inflamed follicles, you know that something wrong is taking place. There is no such thing as beauty is painful when your hair stylist pulls hard when plaiting your hair. STOP it there!!

How can you prevent this condition?

  • Change your hair styles every two week. I know it is such a chore to have to maintain hair on such a regular frequency as some of us believe it is ok toleave braid in for a month to two months.
  • Don't use chemical processors on your hair if you are going to have braids or cornrows immediately after the chemical
  • "Masai braids" or micro braiding, though it is beautiful, leads to weakening of the hair root and eventual fall-out of the hair from the root. The weight of the braid wears the hair down.
  • Take breaks in between protective styles. One week should be sufficient to allow the hair to breath.
  • Wear satin scarf to bed to stop any static pulling of the hair by the cotton pillow cases and blankets

If you already have damage to the hairline and scalp, depending on the severity, you might need to visit your dermatologist. If you see some hair growing along the hairline when it it left alone, then it means that your hair follicles are still active and you may do a home treatment.

Home treatment option

  • Stop with all the styles that lead to the damage in the first place. Some people opt to cut their hair to prevent them from continuing with the damaging hairstyles
  • Use castor oil mixed with Shea butter and coconut oil. Apply this mixture in the morning and at night.
  •  Give the process time. Just as long as it took to lead to the damage it'll take to recover the hair line.
  • Don't lose hope. It is an embarrassing condition and a lot of ladies are conscious about it but do not give up. Your hair will grow and all will be well

I personally went through the whole situation. My hairline was damaged and I was conscious about it. People would comment about it and I would say, that is how it has always been. I did not know any better then. I cut my hair in 2012 with the hopes of recovering the hairline. This was the second time I cut it, to grow back the hairline but because I went back to the destructive hairstyles this lead to some semi-permanent damage on the right hand side of my head. I forged ahead and developed healthy hair styling habits. I changes my hair routine, changed salons and hair stylists and even resorted to doing some of the hair styles myself. Today as i wrtite this, I have short hair again in the last attempt to recover the semi-permanent damaged side of my hair line. I use castor oil as well as Brownchild's Shea butter mix diligently and I am seeing some results. There is some hair growing but it is not as thick as I would like it to be but I have resolved to giving this process a year. I still have a long life ahead of me and my hair will grow once more, for now, I am working on the hair line