How to make your protective style last longer

How to make your protective style last longer

Posted July 16th, 2018

Hello Naturals

Given that it is winter in the southern hemisphere a lot of us naturals have responsibly tucked our hair in protective styles. Be it braids, cornrows or bantu knots, our hair is snuggling away from the harsh winter weather. Most of you know that it takes a while to get the braids done, hours spent at the salon making sure that the stye comes out perfect. If you are a DIY fan, then you understand the twists and turns the arms have to make to reach the back of the head and ensure that the lines come out looking "professionally made". Its a skill having to position the mirrors just right so that you can see the entire surface of your scalp. 

With that arduos labour and time in mind, you surely do not want to have that protective style ruined in just one week forcing you to visit the salon again. This can also be appliable to our little girls who aer carefree when it comes to maintaing their  protective styles. I have come up with a few tips for you and your daughter or just you to make sure that the protective style lasts a little longer and you get your time spenback in weeks of protective styling.

Tip 1. Ensure that you wear silk scarf when going to bed. During the night, we twist and turn so many times that our hair twist and turns with every move loosening our cornrows or making our hair pop-out from the brainds

Tip 2. Base your scalp with a light oil. Light oil being the key word as you don't want to clog your scalp with heavy oils that do not allow it to breathe. Apply the oils between your cornrows or braids to ensure that most of the scalp is covered by the oil.

Tip 3. Apply leave in conditioner. This allows your hair to remain moisturized throughout the duration of the protective style and ensures that when you take out the style you are not handing dry, fragile hair.

Tip 4. Lastly, if you want to keep your hair in for longer that four weeks, try to wash it every two weeks. This is to prevent sweat odour coming from our hair as sometime we wear hats and scarfs on our heads and this can create sweating conditions on our heads.

Four our little ones, the best tip is to teach them young to wear scarfs when they go to bed, otherwise, allow kids to be kids and make maybe do inbetween salon visits DIY styling to allow their hair to remiain neat.


I hope these tips help a lot and that you find them easy to implement as you walk on your natural hair journey.