How I recovered my hairline

How I recovered my hairline

Posted July 23rd, 2018

Hello Naturals

I have always struggled with my hairline. I have very fine fragile hair along my hairline and this hair easily breaks every time I do tight protective styles or have protective styles I for a long time. I have been trying to recover my hairline for years, buying all types of products that promise to recover hair line. I have tried some reputable products, castor oils and some other really challenging remedies and no success. I did all this whilst I was continuing with harmful protective styles. My stylists at the time did not care for gentle hairline handling. I would protest each time I was at the salon, cautioning each stylist to "be careful", "Please don't pull" or "handle with care". There came a time when people would not want to handle my hair because they said I was fussy, I would say "No I am not fussy, i just want to grow and retain my hair line".   

Having a non-existent hairline affected my self esteem. I became very conscious about my hair and suffered from comparing my hair with other women's rich, lush hair. Each time I saw those ladies, I would sink and then obsessively read on what would work on my hair and I would spend money to try and calm my fears and boost my self-image. This did don't work and I eventually had to face the reality. I cut my hair and started from scratch. By that time my hair was already bra strap length and cutting away the length was painful but I had to convince myself that I had to be honest with myself.

These are the steps I took and I hope they'll come in handy for you as well.

1. Find a way to stop pulling your hairline and if that means doing the big chop, then that has to be the case

2. Protect your hair from dryness by using oils, butters and leave-in conditioners*( I used Brownchild's leave-in conditioner)

3. Massage oils along your hair line using the tips of your fingers or a soft bristle brush (I used Brownchild's whipped butter)

4. Change stylists if your current stylist doesn't respect your desire to preserve your hairline

5. Embrace the journey and learn from it


I hope these tips will help you in your recovery journey and you'll soon find yourself flourishing and your hair glowing

Happy frooing




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