How to convert a normal conditioner into a deep conditioner

How to convert a normal conditioner into a deep conditioner

Posted August 20th, 2018

Hello naturals

For those of you who are product junkies having countless products in your bathroom cabinet is not a major concern. You thrive on testing out the latest on the market and giving different brands a chance but for those who are conscious about the products you use and how much you spend on products, having one or two products that do everything is the ideal situation. The tips we are about to share are probably best for those who seek one or two products on their shelves but they also work for those product junkies who are recovering from their junkie ways.

At Brownchild we strongly recommend the use of conditioners. Hair conditioners are essential in repairing and strengthening hair and this is a necessary step in the washing process. Our hair need more conditioner than it does shampoo. With that said, deep conditioning is also essential in giving the product time to penetrate the hair shaft and doing internal repairs on their hair strands. It is recommended that one deep condition their hair at least every two weeks. You might be asking yourself how does being thrifty and using deep conditioner work as this just adds to my product count. Well we have a nifty tip for you to convert your ordinary conditioner into a deep conditioner.

You'll need the following

- Brownchild moisturizing conditioner

- 2 tbs ordinary kitchen butter 


1. Pour your ordinary conditioner(Brownchild moisturizing conditioner) into a container

2. Melt the kitchen butter 

3. Pour the butter into the container with the conditioner

4. Mix together and apply to your hair

5. Leave in for 30 minutes

6. Rinse out and let your hair dry

I hope this will help you in your quest for the perfect deep conditioning experience and that you'll be able to minimize the product count on the shelves.

Keep frooing.

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