How to condition your hair

How to condition your hair

Posted August 2nd, 2018

Hello Naturals

How many of you always grab the shampoo bottles at the store but always leave the conditioner behind? How many of you believe that conditioning your hair is not that important?

I was one of those? Shampooing your hair is important but should not be done alone. Shampoo removes build up and dirt from the hair. This process leaves your hair cuticles exposed to the elements and vulnerable to moisture loss and damage. A good, sulphate free shampoo is important but a quality conditioner is essential to the whole process of washing your hair.

The importance of conditioner is that is restores the hair cuticles to their natural state and thus strengthens hair, preventing hair breakage. So if you want to retain length, a conditioner is essential in your hair regime. Besides leaving your hair stronger, a conditioner also gives your hair that healthy glow as well as makes it softer and bouncy.

So how do you use your conditioner?

Wash day routine

1. After rinsing off shampoo from your hair, you apply the conditioner onto your hair, making sure that it is fully lathered onto your hair.

2. Massage the conditioner into your hair and allow it to sit for a few minutes

3. Rinse it out and enjoy the goodness of soft hair


1. With this routine, you do not need to apply and shampoo before, you can apply the conditioner directly to your hair and massage into your hair. 

2. Allow the conditioner to sit in your hair for a few minutes then rinse out the conditioner. This routine can be done every two weeks as shampooing your hair every week is not necessary.

Always ensure that you thoroughly wash out the conditioner before allowing your hair to dry.

Brownchild's conditioner is a great product that has the highest conditioning element and so leaves your hair feeling soft after conditioning and it also gives hair a healthy shine as well.

How you tell weather a conditioner has good conditioning elements is to check its thickness. If it is watery, then it has the lowest conditioning elements. If it thick and doesn't run out with ease, it has the highest conditioning elements.

I hope this is helpful for you hair care routine.

Keep in frooing

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