This hair is not a fashion statement

This hair is not a fashion statement

Posted January 30th, 2018

This hair is not a fashion statement

Browsing through my news update this morning came across the headline “Why Ghana’s natural hair fashion is bad for business”. This headline grabbed my attention and prompted me to find out how natural hair could be bad for business? Upon reading further I found that this was a complaint by salon owners who still embrace chemical treatment of African hair.

Unfortunately they believed that the natural hair was a phase and that people would soon return to relaxing their hair and fortunately, they were wrong. African women are going through an awakening process and defying how other cultures have defined their standards of beauty for a long time. Western dictation of straight is beautiful has been the norm amongst African women and we have stocked salons and bought millions of litres of chemical relaxers with the hopes that we too will be seen as beautiful.

Now that we are returning to our roots and embracing how God and nature has intended for us to look like, it is “bad for business”. No, no, no business must learn to realise that this is not a fashion trend and that it is here to stay. This generation is saying no to harmful chemicals and defining its own standard of beauty.

I am proud to say that I have been natural for over ten years before it became a craze. I remember going to a salon with my natural hair in 2006 and asking for them to style me. The salon owner refused to outright to touch my hair saying it needed to be relaxed first. As a teenager I was really hurt and confused as to why an older women would condemn my hair like that. I left with tears in my eyes in search of a salon that was willing to style my hair.

Today I am proud to be amongst those who walk into salons requiring that my hair not be hair dried or relaxed in any form. I am also proud to have founded a South African natural hair care brand, giving African women an option to have their hair flourish with the use of proper hair care products that produce results and does not reduce their hair to a messy painful chunk.


I hope that more and more African women will embrace natural hair and that someday in the near future, the “hair relaxer” will become an extinct commodity buried in history never to returb.


 Happy froing