Growing an afro

Growing an afro

Posted August 6th, 2018

Hello Naturals

Many women are coming around to the idea of growing natural hair but many are confused as to what to do. In a society where sleek hair is made easier to maintain and a lot more attractive, choosing to grow natural hair is tricky and many fall off the wagon along the journey. The struggles are real but it shouldn't be disheartening and completely frustrating. Natural hair is BEAUTIFUL. The glow, the coils,kinks,curls, the varying shades, the different stages(TWA, Bra strap length, etc) and the porous/non-porous. All the forms and lengths are spectacular. I won't lie and say the journey is easy breezy but to be honest, which hair is easier to maintain? Relaxed hair requires frequent retouches, moisturizer, the perfect shine and styling. 

So how do you make the journey pleasant?

1. Join other Naturals who are growing natural hair. It is more pleasant when you exchange ideas with others going through the same experience

2. Make sure you understand what your hair and its unique characteristics. I know some of us have delegated the work to our stylist but if you find yourself with a stylist who's knowledge is also not the greatest or is outdated, then your hair might not flourish as you'd like

3. Research, research, research but always take what you read or see on YouTube with a pinch of salt

4. Experiment wisely

5. Explore different styles that work for your hair

6. Enjoy the journey. If you like posting pictures, document the evolution of your hair


I hope this information, although not technical, will help you see your natural hair in a different light.

Happy Frooing!


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