Curls, Curls Curls- Porosity and all

Curls, Curls Curls- Porosity and all

Posted March 1st, 2017

I have been looking to grow the length of my natural hair for a while. The simple get the product that tells me what I want to hear was not working for me anymore. I have been trying out different products for years and all came to fail me. So I took a step back and decided to do more reading to see what my hair will respond to. After some serious digging, I found what made sense. 


Our hair, like everything else in humans is different and naturally, it responds differently to different products. My friend's magic product that helped recover her hairline and add volume to her hair, might not work for me. That is why we need to experiment with our hair as well as experiment with products that have what our hair is looking for. To know your hair's porosity levels, simply take a bit of your hair left on your comb and put it on a surface of water.

Low Porosity

   In Low porosity, your hair strand will float on the water surface. This simply means that your hair does not let water into the individual strands easily. This type of hair requires assistance in moisturizing it and so might needs emollients such as coconut and Shea butter to help attract and lock in moisture. But avoid using heavy products that might create a build up on your hair cuticles.

Medium Porosity

This type of hair sinks to the middle of the glass. It lets water in and does not let it escape with ease. This type of hair is desirable as it does not require you to walk around with a bottle of water to spray your hair now an again. Occasionally deep condition this type of hair with conditioners that contain protein elements.

High Porosity

 This is what I have in my precious curls. Hair strands that easily absorbs moisture in humid weather but easily also loses moisture in dry air conditions. So garcons are not my best friend. To deal with this, I use the LOC method to lock in moisture in my hair. This has significantly helped my hair with breakage and retaining length as well as frizz frustrations.

Now you know what to do to handle your hair, a simple experiment, goes a long way. Healthy hair goals are important and it is this type of knowledge that will see you rocking fabulous curls!!!