Before choosing your staple product(tips for the product junkie and the clueless Afro woman)

Before choosing your staple product(tips for the product junkie and the clueless Afro woman)

Posted January 15th, 2018

Many people believe in miracle products. We are constantly bombarded with imaged of glowing black curls and miraculously restored hair loss patches or hair lines. Deceptive pictures pop up on our social media timelines about how product X grew the hairline in two weeks i.e. “restore you hairline in TWO WEEKS”. For some of us who have been struggling with the illusion of obtaining perfect hair far too often grab our wallets without questioning and purchase the miraculous products only to be disappointed two weeks later when our hairline has still not recovered and we are $100 poorer.

I do not blame anyone for falling into the trap. With our faces and hair being the first thing that people come across when encountering us, we tend to seek quick fix solutions that will save us the trouble of embarrassment and the added burden of poor self-image. But I am here help have a different relook at how we approach the way we treat and take care of our hair.

Knowledge is power and arming yourself with what kind of hair you have will empower you to purchasing the correct products and saving yourself thousands in money spent on hair products. These are the wise sage tips I’ll impart with you in this hair blog

  1. Know your hair texture: Understand whether your hair is coily, kinky or curly. This will help you with the understanding of the nature of your hair
  2. Hair curl or coil type. Is your hair a 3a, 3b, 3c or does it fall under the 4a-4c coil type. The more your understand on your hair’s curl type the more you’ll understand whether it breaks easily or it would take might to shred it apart
  3. Porosity. Conduct a porosity test on your hair to see whether it has the ability to absorb water or let the water just slide through. Knowing your porosity type helps with choosing whether you choose a sealing product or a moisturising product
  4. Hair growth rate. We all have hair envy and most likely want hair down to our waist but not all of us can have that in six month. Our hair grows at different rates and knowing that will give us piece of mined and the knowledge that with a bit of patience and TLC , we’ll have that length in no time
  5. Hair volume and density: some of us have thick or thin hair. Understanding that enables us to choose products that will either give us the volume we require or help us manage the volume and not add to the thickness of the hair.

Understanding hair type gives you piece of mind and helps us in growing healthy glowing locks. It take only a few minutes to develop this knowledge that will come in handy for our whole healthy hair journey.


I hope this comes in handy and you’ll have a glorious hair journey