Being a mother and natural hair. Choclatehairsisters

Being a mother and natural hair. Choclatehairsisters

Posted September 27th, 2017

Hello Brownchild!!

Being a child my mother used to use chemical relaxers on my hair, taking me to the salon to ensure that i was always "beautiful". I do not hold it against her as that was the culture of the time and information was not easily available for them. Our parents where taught that silky soft hair was the only option to manage our "hard,unruly" hair. Comments like "your hair is groff", "you hair is a skuurpot" where some of the demeaning words expressed because of lack of knowledge. Today, mothers are educating themselves to develop positive personal messages for their daughters. Having gone through an age that distorted the view of our hair and associated beauty with Caucasian standards, some African mothers have made a conscious decision to only display and talk positively of their beautiful curls and kinky coils.

One of those mother who has decided to share her journey with us is Anita Boxoza. We had a chance to chance to talk to her and find out what inspired her decision to grow her children's hair chemical free.

How long have your daughters had natural hair?

Kamva is going on two years and Nini had her hair since birth. We did cut most of it off last year as it was not healthy.

Why did you feel it is important for your daughters to have natural hair?

I want them to be proud of who they are, to be sure of themselves and love every single inch of themselves.

How do you reinforce the love of natural hair in your daughters?

I have natural hair, so to them this is normal. I speak only good things of their hair and how much i love their hair as it is.

How do you manage their hair on a daily basis?

We have luckily worked out a very good routine and it is now second nature to them. They know when mommy brings out the hair stuff  we need to get it done. One thing that has helped with this is involving them in the process and explaining why we do what we do.

If one decided to they don't want to be part of the natural hair movement, what would your reaction be?

I think I would be taken aback and would need to would what the reason behind it would be. I remind them everyday that this is the hair we are born with and chemicals change that, we need to be happy with our own hair.

What is your advise to other women who have daughters and choose to raise them with natural hair?

Arm yourself with enough knowledge. Watch YouTube videos, Google and find something that works for YOUR child and watch the relationship with their hair get better and better. It seems overwhelming until you start doing. More importantly, enjoy this journey, what your kids learn from you they will use forever.


Thanks to the Choclatehairsisters and their pursuit to show others that growing natural hair is not a difficult feat, we are inspired to follow the same journey and build future women proud to display the curls and coils.

Happy curls, happy coils!!