September 2018

It's a Nappily ever after...
Posted September 27th, 2018

Hello Naturals

When I heard of that the movie Nappily ever after was coming out, I was super excited. A movie that is themed about the struggle of black women and their relationship with hair. To be honest, I never heard of the novel by Trisha R Thomas which inspired the movie, which i believe every black woman should be exposed to as least once in their lives. Luckily the movie is out!

Co-washing tips for your natural hair
Posted September 20th, 2018

Hello Naturals

We know the importance of regularly washing our hair but it is not necessary to wash your  hair with shampoo all the time. We have cowashes, a complete product that is not a shampoo and it not a conditioner but a product in the middle. With those people who do not want to have a lot of products on your shelves, using a normal conditioner for cowashing also works. This article will give you tips on how to use your conditioner as cowash.

Tips to get your hair ready for spring
Posted September 11th, 2018

Hello naturals
We have been a bit of cold weather across South Africa after most of us, including myself, have been looking forward to the warm spring weather . Well, despair not as warmer times are still coming an the opportunity for you to show of your hair is near.

After months of tucking in our kinks coils and curls, the time has come to let those locks be freed. To do so, you'll need to make minor changes to your routine to accommodate the weather and to let your hair enjoy the warms and spirit of spring.

No Miracle hair growth cream, just good old TLC
Posted September 6th, 2018

Hello Naturals