5 Tips to winter proof your hair!

5 Tips to winter proof your hair!

Posted August 23rd, 2016

Pre-poo treatment

We all know that pre­pooing protects your hair from extreme dryness, now in winter, this will be a critical step as it helps the oil seep into the hair shaft.

Double up conditioning

You thought you could escape with just your conditioning your hair, well in winter, that will not be enough. For the extremely dry winter air and those friendly but dangerous warm office heaters, you'll need to include deep conditioning in your regime. This is to protect your hair strands and give them added moisture.

Protective styling

Your hair needs to be protected from the elements, especially the vulnerable ends which can be easily damaged by the elements. Tuck in your ends to ensure length retention.

Finger detangle

Easy does it. Using a comb can lead to "rough handling" of your hair strands. To prevent this, rather use your fingers to gently detangle and say goodbye to your comb, at least just for the frosty months.

Seal your ends

Lock in the moisture! Every effort to retain moisture in your hair should be done. After washing your hair, use a sealant, like Brownchild hair butter, to seal and lock in the moisture in your hair. This will allow your hair to survive retain the moisture and prevent the air from sucking it dry.