5 Natural Hair Care Routines to Try Today

5 Natural Hair Care Routines to Try Today

Posted July 31st, 2019

Natural hair has the bad reputation of being “difficult” to maintain and being unpredictable. But this does not have to be the case. A daily natural hair care routine is all you need to shake off those bad hair days and also have your hair looking radiant and growing faster. Of-course we know that not every day is the same and that we all have different hair types and lengths. What we suggest though, is that you try what you can from the tips we have for you and develop your own unique routine. Hopefully, we will help you tame that wild, beautiful and often unpredictable beast called natural hair! We are always eager to help so feel free to share with us any of your struggles, questions and encounters with natural hair! Contact us here


Before we share the routines with you, the most important thing to remember when dealing with natural hair is that Softer and Well Moisturized hair is easier to manage and grow! Great news is: we’ve got you covered! Make sure you check out this amazing Moisturising Butter and Leave in Conditioning Spray for under R95 each!

Ok, soooo… back to the business of the day! Here are 5 Natural Hair Care Routines to Try Today:

Washing Your Hair (Shampoo Vs. Conditioner)

Do you have a hair washing schedule or routine? Or do you just wash it randomly when you feel like it or when you have the time? Is it every second day, twice a week or every day? The most important question is does your hair feel dry after shampooing it? If yes, then you should consider a Sulfate-free Shampoo – Get it for just R80  and it will also help to use a Conditioner specifically made for African natural hair – Available for just R80 .

Try Hairstyles That Put Less Strain On Your Hair

A lot of us grew up with the belief that hairstyles that pull your hair make your hair grow faster. This is not always the case. Strenuous hairstyles if done too often may lead to breakage and you may find yourself being your own hair’s worst enemy. Plus, who wants to go through all that pain every time you do your hair?!

Cover Your Hair At Night

So you’ve had a busy day at work, school or at home and the only thing you want to do after reading that book or watching your favourite TV show is pass out! What do you do? Go straight to bed with your hair out and about and you call it a night. Big mistake! Going to bed without covering your hair is a common mistake made by many natural haired sisters (and brothers). When you sleep with your hair out, it experiences a lot of friction which over time makes it more and more difficult to manage. This may seem like a small thing, but in the long run it counts for a lot. Get into the habit of covering your hair when you go to bed and you will notice a difference. To make sure you don’t forget, just keep that *doek or *mgusha under your pillow and thank us later!

Heat Dry your Hair Less Frequently

With natural hair, it’s always better to air-dry than to heat dry. Using heat to dry your hair daily is not a good idea (yes… not even in winter!).

A Dry Scalp is a Red Flag

It’s very easy to focus on the health of your hair and forget all about the well-being of your scalp (as if you can have healthy hair with your scalp being unhealthy!?). Taking good care of your scalp is worth a lot of gold when it comes to natural hair care. Not only does a dry scalp look and feel bad, it affects hair growth as well. This Moisturizing Butter for R90  and Leave in Conditioning Spray for R90 will help you keep your scalp moisturized and healthy!

Remember to share with us your natural hair care struggles, questions, tips and journey. We would love to hear from you and assist where we can![link to contact us] Remember, we are here to help you keep your crown looking stunning and so you can wear it with pride!