How leave-in conditioner is great for your hair
Posted July 19th, 2018

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How to make your protective style last longer
Posted July 16th, 2018

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We are back!!
Posted July 12th, 2018

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After months of being offline, we are back!! I know, I know, it was hard for you to go without those snippets of information and how to handle your natural hair and the natural hair journey but now we are here to stay and give you consistent content that will become valuable for you over time. 

You are probably wondering where we disappeared to and why?


This hair is not a fashion statement
Posted January 30th, 2018

This hair is not a fashion statement

Browsing through my news update this morning came across the headline “Why Ghana’s natural hair fashion is bad for business”. This headline grabbed my attention and prompted me to find out how natural hair could be bad for business? Upon reading further I found that this was a complaint by salon owners who still embrace chemical treatment of African hair.

To protein treat or not?
Posted January 24th, 2018

To protein or not to protein

I have had natural hair for over ten years and in my journey I always looked for shea butter as my go to for everything. Now that I am mature in my Journey I have started to implement other products in my routine to help grow and nurture my strands.

Before choosing your staple product(tips for the product junkie and the clueless Afro woman)
Posted January 15th, 2018

Many people believe in miracle products. We are constantly bombarded with imaged of glowing black curls and miraculously restored hair loss patches or hair lines. Deceptive pictures pop up on our social media timelines about how product X grew the hairline in two weeks i.e. “restore you hairline in TWO WEEKS”. For some of us who have been struggling with the illusion of obtaining perfect hair far too often grab our wallets without questioning and purchase the miraculous products only to be disappointed two weeks later when our hairline has still not recovered and we are $100 poorer.

Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair
Posted January 9th, 2018

Do you want to rock an afro but are weary of cutting all your locks of to start the natural hair journey? Fear not, there is a less drastic way of rocking a fro without going bold.

Firstly keep your hair and stop relaxing, this will allow your roots to grow out with not chemical treatment to it. This process is messy as you have two different types if hair textures on your hair and they require different hair care routines. This is the part where your hair might look messy as you try to navigate yourself past this phase.

How to recover your hairline
Posted November 13th, 2017

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Many ladies write to us looking for a miracle product that can restore the hairline to its former glory but the truth is that damage to the hair line has taken many years to occur and it will take time to restore. There are no miracle concoctions to bring back the hair line and I am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news.

What causes hair line damage you ask? 

The beauty of Aloe Vera for hair
Posted October 31st, 2017

Hello Brownchild

Success tips from celebrity stylist Smangele Sibisi
Posted October 10th, 2017

1. What inspired you to become a hair stylist?

I've always wanted to do hair, actually i've always been doing hair,it started when i was 9 years old. Came to me as a dream. Growing up doing it then gave me the courage to want to do more, because people where loving it and i was getting paid for it as well.

2. What kind of training did you do for this role?