About Us

After years of wearing natural hair and struggling to find the right products to handle my hair without leaving it dry and brittle, I decided to formulate a product range.

The products needed to take care of my hair and allow me to retain length so that I can realise my mid-back hair length without relying on relaxers. Since using these products, I have managed to reduce breakage and thus, retain the length that I have always desired. Through my healthy hair journey and conversations with a lot of women who have decided to start a healthy hair journey themselves, I realised that a lot of us do not know how to take care of our natural hair.

We also do not have access to good products that really take care of our hair. From this desire to share a well-found formula, Brownchild was born, to allow every woman to grow healthy hair. Brownchild is made up of all natural ingredients selected to ensure that your hair grows strong.

Brownchild also offers a platform where natural hair advises is presented weekly and a team of natural hair experts is ready to engage you on whatever hair query you may have.


Karabo Mothapo